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I am a director and theatermaker whose work centers around bold visual storytelling, intentional reimagining, and finding genuine humanity in plays both intimate and epic. Marrying rigorous dramaturgy and textual analysis with striking physical and aesthetic vocabularies, my work conveys to performers and audiences complete and nuanced worlds, able to house complex stories and dynamic characters.


Grant has been independently producing theater since 2018. Recent work includes a new adaptation of Miss Julie, a site-specific production of Boston Marriage, and the 2nd U.S. production of Vincent River. He has also directed for 7th House Theater, Theater Latte Da, and Wayzata Theatre, where he served as the Associate Program Director for 8 seasons.


Grant is currently pursuing his MFA in Directing at Boston University.

His interests as a theatermaker include early modern drama (especially Shakespeare and his contemporaries), turn-of-the-century Scandinavian and Russian drama, as well as early queer playwrights including Wilde, Williams, Rattigan, and Coward. Working with classical and heightened text in ways that speak immediately and passionately to our current time is his main interest as a theatermaker and director.

Recent projects can be seen here; a full C.V. is available upon request.

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Photo by Lucas Wells
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