Beginning in Fall 2018, Grant will begin offering coaching sessions to performers of all ages and experience levels. These individual-focused, goal-oriented sessions will be uniquely tailored to each student's needs and desires. Sessions are offered in 45 minute and 1.5 hour-long options, and can be scheduled singly or as recurring dates. 

What can Grant help you with? 


    • Preparation leading up to the actual audition​

    • "In the room" skills and guidance

    • Putting together a killer audition package


    • Finding new audition pieces

    • Expanding theater style and period offerings


    • From Greek to Shakespeare, Moliere to Mamet​

    • How to prepare and perform various styles in ways that feel authentic to you as an actor


Have another concern or interest? Reach out and let's find a way to work on that together!

For high school students, Grant also offers COLLEGE AUDITION COACHING.

Starting to prepare for your upcoming college auditions? Grant can help you tailor your audition to make the most impact once you get in the room. Discovering your unique personality and voice as a performer is the key to making a successful impression in a college audition scenario. 

From material selection, up to the big day (and all the little questions and concerns that come up between) Grant will help you craft the perfect audition package. For an additional price, video auditions can be recorded and crafted together.

Session location TBD.

For more information, or to secure a spot, email Grant today!